Java tutorial - basics. This page by Victor Mouschovias
NOTE: Java is remarkably similar to the language C++. If you have a background in it, you will find Java to flow much more easily.

package javatutorial; This should appear automatically. There is no need to worry about it yet. It should be the name of your project.

public class Main
Defines a public class, "Main." This should be the name of the file the class is in. If the file is "," this class should be "public class Proj." This is the class that will run first in your project.
public static void main(String[] args) This, too, should be the name of the class it is inside. The code inside of this portion of the class, also called [b]method[/b], will run every time the class runs.
System.out.println("This stuff will be repeated.");
This will display to your output window whatever is in the quotes.